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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Balsa Wood and Rubber Band Powered Airplanes

Balsa Wood and Rubber Band Powered Airplanes

Balsa wood airplanes are an old time favorite which have been popular with kids for many years. And for good reason! The toy planes are just plane fun to fly! Adding to the popularity is the fact that there are several different skill levels of balsa model airplanes, which means that there is a balsa wood airplane kit for just about everyone.

The simplest and most popular toy balsa airplanes are the hand launched gliders and rubber band airplanes virtually everyone remembers having as a child. Quick to assemble and easy to fly these fun little balsa airplanes are wonderful toys for the backyard or at the park. Just give the gliders a throw and off they go, providing hours of fun. The rubber band powered airplanes are just about as easy. Wind the rubber band motor and give it a toss, let the rubber band do the work.

Stick built balsa model airplanes are a bit of a challenge. These planes are first built up from plans on a building board using model pins, glue, hobby knife, and tissue paper. Once built, these model airplanes fly very well using a rubber band motor. Some of the larger ones can be fitted with a gas, CO2, or electric motor for free flight action. A bit more skill can rig one of these airplanes with radio control.

Balsa wood model airplanes are available in a wide variety of skill levels to suit just about any requirement. Simple balsa wood gliders and rubber band powered toy airplane are wonderful for children. The larger, more complex balsa wood airplane models are suitable for older children and adults who enjoy building things.

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