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Friday, August 24, 2012

Building A Model Balsa Wood Airplane

The instructions and photos below depict the process of building a model airplane. The plane shown being built is the Cadet from Guillow's Balsa Wood Airplane Build and Fly series, but the basic steps and processes are the same for any similiar plane. Be sure to put wax paper on the plans before building, as it eases the removal of the plane sections after the glue has dried. An added benefit is the fact that the plans can be used to build more planes with the purchase of more balsa strips and sheets. Model airplane building is easy, if you follow the steps below.

Model Airplane Building Step 01
Step 1
Lay out the tools and parts for the plane. Check to see that all parts are there . Read over instruction to make sure you understand the steps

Model Airplane Building Step 02
Step 2
Pin the plans to the building board on all four corners, and put two in the middle to help hold down.

Model Airplane Building Step 03
Step 3
Lay wax paper over the plans and pin down. The wax paper will enable you to easily remove glued parts from the plans.

Model Airplane Building Step 04 Mark Sticks
Step 4

Using the plan as a guide, measure and cut the balsa strips

Build Model Plane Step 05 Pin Sticks
Step 5

Pin the balsa strips to the plan using an 'X' pattern. Don't put the pin directly through the balsa strip

Step 6

Pin the framework of the first wing together. Apply no glue at this point. Just pin the strips together, and get comfortable with the construction

Build Model Plane Step 07 Continue Building
Step 7
Continue pinning the other wings, rudder, stabilizer and other parts together on the plan in the steps indicated by the instructions
Step 8

After checking your work to make sure it is assembled correctly, apply a liberal amount of glue to each joint. Allow the glue to dry thoughly before proceding.

Build Balsa Wood Airplane Step 09 Tissue Glue
Step 9
After lightly sanding the wooden frame, apply a glue mix of 50% white glue and 50% water. Paint the glue on the surface of the balsa frame work with a paint brush.

Build Balsa Wood Airplane Step 10 Tissue Applied
Step 10
Apply the tissue carefully over the balsa framework. Paint the glue on the outside of the tissue, 'painting' it to the framework. Allow this to dry thoroughly.

Build Balsa Wood Airplane Step 11 Cut Tissue
Step 11
Cut the tissue with a sharp hobby knife. Lightly sand the
edges of the framework at the conclusion of this step.

Step 12
Assemble the framework as per the instructions. Each plane you build will require a slightly different assembly procedure, so read the instructions carefully.

13 Propellor
Step 13
Install the propeller, if you are building a rubber band powered plane.

14 Rubber Band
Step 14
Install the rubber motor by tying off on the hook at the rear of the plane. After adjusting the center of gravity, the plane is now ready to fly. The instructions of the airplane should give thorough instructions for this step.
Have Fun!

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