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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Model Airplane Parts

Model Airplane Parts

This is a selection of large rubber bands suitable for rubber band powered airplanes or any other rubber band powered vehicle or craft.

The 7 Inch X 3/32 Inch Rubber Band (020054) is a replacement rubber band for Guillow's kits; #50, 51, 52 55, 75 and series 500 balsa kits. There are twelve large rubber bands in each package.

The 8 Inch X 3/16 Inch Rubber Band (020055) package contains 10 large rubber bands. These bands can be used as replacement model airplane parts on GUILLOW'S rubber b and planes #60, 76 and series 900 balsa kits.

This package contains one 96 Inch X .03 Inch X 3/16 Inch (020056) strand of rubber thread. A large rubber band to be used as a replacement model airplane part for Guillow's rubber band powered airplanes.

These large rubber bands are meant as replacement parts for Guillows model rubber band powered airplanes. But can be used for many other hobby and craft project requiring rubber band.

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