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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pine Wood Derby Car Kits and Blocks

Building a pine wood derby car seems like a daunting task to the novice. But it can actually be a fun and easy project. When searching for a car to build you will find three basic types of pine cars to build - unfinished blocks, precut blocks, and deluxe kits. Rough cut unfinished blocks for those who want a bit more of a challenge building the pine wood derby car. The blocks must be cut, shaped, carved, sanded, painted and decaled. Most of the blocks have the wheel slots already cut in the botton of the block. You will find both rectangular blocks and wedge shaped ones. Precut pinewood derby body blocks make it easy to build a pine car! These pinewood derby body blocks are rough cut blocks for racers who lack the tools or skills to cut a block from a block of wood. Wheels, axles, other parts are not included. The block must be sanded before finishing. An assortment of styles are available, most need only light shaping with sand paper before finishing. Pine Car Deluxe Car Kits contain unfinished pinewood derby car designs, rub on decals, incremental weights, wheels & axels, cast metal custom parts such as headers, engines and pipes. Step by step illustrated instructions for assembly and finishing include complete derby race specifications. Simply sand and finish any of the six pinewood car shapes with minimum tools and supervision. Wheels and axels should all be similiar on all cars in a race. Official BSA wheels and axels will fit the cars. Back to Pine Wood Derby

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Pinewood Derby Car - Great Group Kid's Project

Pinewood Derby Car - Great Group Kid's Project

All you need to know about the pine wood derby car

Building and racing pine wood derby cars is an event sponsored by many Cub Scout troops. But it is an interesting hobby which can be done by anyone who likes to carve wood and has an interest in cars. Racing the pine car can be a fun event for any youth group or a fun activity for the neighborhood kids. With the right planning, materials, and information, building the pinewood derby car can be a fun and rewarding experience.

The pine wood derby car is an excellent activity for cub scouts or other youth groups. It is an ideal father/son project as well.

Building The Pinewood Derby Car

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Pine Wood Derby Car Kits and Blocks

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