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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beading With A Bead Weaving Loom

Add another dimension to your bead-working skills by learning to use a bead loom. American Indians use bead looms to create intricate bead designs for their clothing and for ceremonial purposes. Unique beadwork can be crafted by anyone to decorate clothing, belts, or jewelry.

Most bead-workers use seed beads for their designs on the bead loom. There is a myriad of colors available, either separately, or in economical multi-packs. Shimmery, jewel-like rocaailles may also be used to add a special touch to your design.

A beading needle is a necessity for this type of beadwork. Use a needle threader to thread the needle. Pick up the tiny seed beads with the tip of the needle and work into the design.

Strong, flexible thread is a requirement for the designs. Beginners should use white button and carpet thread, or beading thread. Clear nylon bead thread may also be used. the thread needs to be thin enough to pass several times through the hole in the bead.

The loom may be handmade if you wish. but since bead looms are generally quite inexpensive, it would be easier to purchase one to start with. If your hobby outgrows your loom, you can always build a bigger one to do larger designs.

Basic beading instructions are included with your loom. You can create your own designs after you get the hang of beading. It’s fun to personalize your own jewelry with the loom.

Also fun to make with seed beads and rocailles are Indian bead rings. these are made using bead wire instead of thread. Bracelets, fobs, brooches, and ornaments can be made using the same methods.

Bead flower necklaces or bracelets can also be made from seed beads, rocailles, and giant seed beads. Or use a combination of all three types for some strikingly original jewelry that you made yourself on your bead loom. Have fun!

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Bead Loom and Bead Crafts

Bead crafts can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Small seed beads and rocailles can be worked into intricate bracelets, necklaces and other jewelery. Or can be used to create beautiful beadwork on clothing and leather goods. Kids also like to craft friendship bracelets and hairclips with them.

Larger pony beads are easy for small hands to craft into fun projects. Wood beads are also great craft projects for kids groups.

A bead loom is a device for creating intricate designs with seed beads. The beads are worked into a design using fine wire or thread to hold the design together. Neat designs can be made by a beginner. Skilled bead crafters can design and create quite exquisite patterns using these beads.

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Beading With A Bead Weaving Loom