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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Jewelry Clasps

Jewelry Clasps - Barrel - Lobster Claw - Magnetic

Jewelry clasps are used to hold a necklace, bracelet or other jewelry project together. There are several different types of clasps used for this purpose. The clasps are usually made from metal and can be nickel-silver, silver, or gold plated.

Barrel clasps are tubular shaped and can be used for either bracelets or necklaces. They have a loop on each end to which the stringing material is tied securely. This is one of the easier clasps to open and close jewelry. A simple twisting action opens and closes them.

The toggle clasp consists of a jump ring and another "T" shaped component. The "T" slips through the jump ring, the arms of the "T" holding the jewelry together.

The hook and eye clasp is the strongest, easiest to fasten clasp in jewelry making. It consists of two parts, the figure 8 portions which is tied to one end of the necklace or bracelet, and the hook, which is tied to the other. The hook then loops through the other end of the figure 8, holding the jewelry securely together.

The lobster claw clasp is so named because the clasp sort of resembles a lobster claw. It holds necklaces and bracelets firmly together when used with a jump ring.

Snap clasps are best used for bracelets. They open and close, sort of like a hinge. A trigger releases them, and they will not open unless this trigger is depressed, securely holding the jewelry ends together.

Magnetic clasps are great for children, or adults who have difficulty using their fingers. This is a two part clasp, both of which have a strong magnet enclosed. The clasps hold together firmly, securing the jewelry together.

There is a wide variety of jewelry clasps available for just about any bead craft project. Barrel and lobster claw are the most popular but the other types may work equally as well.

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