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Friday, February 03, 2012

American Civil War Toy Soldier - Metal And Plastic

American Civil War Toy Soldier - Metal And Plastic

Civil war toy soldiers replicate the honorable men who sacrificed much for their cause.

Plastic Toy Soldiers

The American Civil War was a tragic episode in our nation’s history. Great armies from the North and South clashed in bloody battles with thousands killed and wounded. Union and Confederate soldiers both believed in the rightness of their cause and many gave their lives in defense of it. It is estimated that there were Union casualties of 359,528 and Confederate casualties of 258,000 during that conflict, making it by far the bloodiest war in American History. The Civil War Soldier endured much, suffered, bled and died in great numbers.

Civil war toy soldiers replicate these honorable men, both Union and Confederate, and seek to commemorate their sacrifices. There are many fine collections of civil war soldiers manufactured by a multitude of manufacturers. A few will be outlined here.

William Britains

This company has a large selection of 1/32 scale miniature Civil War toy soldiers of exceptional quality. The selection includes Union and confederate civil war soldier figures, civil war landmark replicas, and military props such as cannon, limbers, etc. William Britain American Civil War Toy soldier are pewter, very finely detailed and are lead free. William Britains is an English company which began making toy soldiers in 1893 and has continued producing toy soldiers ever since.

Conte Collectables

Founder Richard Conte began this company in 1999 making 1/32 metal toy soldiers with a matte finish. The American Civil War toy soldiers in the collection are very well detailed and nicely finished. The sets include a number of Union and Confederate toy soldier replicas, Civil War leaders, and accessories to the soldiers sets. These are the same scale as William Britain sets and the two will complement each other.

Forward March

Forward March is owned by Prescott’s Military Miniatures which was begun in 1980 by the Walker Family. An ancestor of the family was Colnel William Prescott, who gave the command at Bunker Hill "Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes". Accordingly, all the toy soldiers produced by this company have the whites of their eyes painted in. Forward March was launched in 2000 with the goal of producing high end metal toy soldiers. The civil war toy soldiers in their offerings are 1/32 scale spin cast metals. The masters are designed by the best sculptors and are hand painted by the owner Richard Walker. The American Civil War toy soldier series’ are limited in edition and very highly sought after.

King and Country
From Hong Kong, King and Country manufactures American Civil War toy soldiers in 1/32 scale metal scenes and figures.


BMC manufactures inexpensive plastic Civil war toy soldiers which ideal as children’s toys and for use in school projects. The figures are 1/32 scale, and are molded in a single color. Union civil war soldiers are blue, Confederate civil war soldiers are gray.

American civil war toy soldiers are produced in great variety for both collectors and children. Union and Confederate soldiers are both available in quality fine enough to honor the sacrifices made by the soldiers of the American Civil War. Back to Toy Soldier

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