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Monday, June 26, 2006

Toy Soldiers - Military - Army Toys - Model Soldiers

Most adult men had toy soldiers as young boys. We didn’t have just a few, either. I had enough to fight several wars at one time. Army and military toys are still popular with children. With adults, too, with the advent of vast selections of collectable toy soldiers and military toys.

Toy soldiers are manufactured from a variety of materials. You will find plastic, wood,tin, metal, and resin. Some are prepainted, some require painting and some minor assembly.

There are collectable toy soldiers, soldiers for war games, and soldiers for kids.

There are many different types of soldiers. You will find soldiers in the character of American Civil War, American Revolutionary War, World War 2, Alamo, and Cowboys and Indians. Other model soldiers from other armies can also be found.

You will find two basic sizes of toy and model soldiers - 1/72 and 1/32 scales. 1/72 scale is 25 millimeter and 1/32 is 54 mm tall. From model train manufacturers you will also find some 1/87 (HO Scale) toy soldiers.

Army and military toys are also popular. These consist mostly of plastic and diecast
military airplanes and vehicles. These are available in several scales including 1/87, 1/64,
1/48, and 1/24 among others.

You will find in this section various articles about toy and model soldiers, army and military toys. You will also find links to companies selling these products. Hopefully the information provided by these articles help you choose the products which suit your needs

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