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Monday, July 23, 2012

American Revolution Soldier

Most of us remember the names of the men who guided the United States through the American Revolutionary War. Men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and the like. But few really think much about the men who purchased our nation’s freedom with their sweat, blood, and suffering. These men are the soldiers of the American Revolution.

These brave soldiers suffered the visicitudes of cold, starvation, privation and disease to forge a nation. The boredom of camp could very quickly give way to the terror of battle. The American Revolutionary War soldier fought mostly on an empty stomach, not properly clothed and sometimes badly led. But fight they did, struggling for something much greater than themselves.

The American Revolution soldier has been commemorated by some very handsome toy soldier sets by various manufacturers. Metal toy soldiers in 1/32 scale, 54 MM are produced by Conte, William Britain, and King and Country, as well as several other fine manufacturers. BMC makes a nice line of plastic revolutionary war toy soldiers in the same scale suitable for play, or school projects.

You will find these toy soldiers of the American Revolution at some of the various links seen on this page. The American Revolutionary War was one of the greatest events in modern times and the soldiers who took part have earned our eternal gratitude and respect.

American Civil War Toy Soldier - Metal And Plastic

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