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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jetfire Balsa Wood Airplane

Jetfire Balsa Wood Airplanes
Wing Span: 12 Inches
Ages 8 and up
Jetfire - nifty little balsa hand launched toy airplane. Fun little wood plane to fly A high performance balsa glider with the style of a jet fighter.

This little balsa wood airplane has large 12 inch wing span with a built in dihedral angle in the wing, creating a stable flying toy airplane.

Colorful style prints on the wing, tail surfaces and canopy.

Balsa wood airplanes are an old time favorite toy airplane as much fun for kids now as they were for us adults who remember flying them as children. Quick to assemble, balsa gliders are even easier to fly.

Balsa wood planes are a great way to teach kids about how a plane flies, as well as basic aviation principals. The toy airplanes can be made to do simple stunts by angling the wings and/or rudder. Or try moistening the rudder a bit and flexing it to see the effect on the flight of the airplane.

The Jetfire balsa toy airplane is great to have at the park, at the beach, or just a neat little balsa glider for the back yard.

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