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Monday, July 30, 2012

Balsa Wood Toy Folding Wing Glider Airplane

Folding Wing - a nifty little balsa glider airplane. Fun little balsa wood plane to fly
Guillows' Folding Wing Gliders are all balsa, free flight gliders that are easy to assemble.
Balsa wood plane has printed wing, tail and canopy surfaces.
Preset wing position is balanced for proper flight.
Planes can soar over 50 to 60 feet.
These are "sling launch" planes.
Wings automatically fold back until glider reaches peak altitude.
One Plastic nose piece
One Rubber Band "launcher".
Six pre-cut balsa pieces.
One front wing connector
One rear wing connector
Plastic wing holders built onto each wing
One sqare of bright orange wing tape.

Two piece folding wing with 12" wing span, flat wing design.
No glue required, these are a snap together type construction.
Recommended for ages 10 and up.
These gliders can soar several hundred feet if they catch a good breeze.
For education or just plane fun, the rubber band powered balsa wood plane is hard to beat. Simple to construct and easy to fly the Sky Streak is sure to please teachers, students, parents and kids. And they will bring a smile to Grandad's face as he remembers the fun he had flying one of these toy airplanes with his grandad!

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