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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Toy Metal Soldiers

54 MM metal collectable toy metal soldiers are popular with many military aficionados all over the world. There is good reason for this. The metal soldiers are finely detailed, historically accurate and make excellent display models. Most of the leading companies manufacture museum quality toy soldiers sure to please the most discriminating connoisseur of military models. The leaders in this field are the William Britain Company, King and Country, and Conte, although there are others.

The oldest manufacturer in business today is the William Britain Company. William Britains is an English company which began making collectable toy soldiers in 1893 and has continued producing toy soldiers ever since. Their specialty is the 1/32, 54 MM metal toy soldier. Their selections include a multitude of eras of soldiery. American Civil War, Revolutionary War, Knights, World Wars 1 and 2, many different types of English soldiers and other special editions.

Another company specializing in the 1/32 scale 54 MM metal toy soldier is Conte Collectables, LTD. This company also offers an astounding variety of collectable metal toy soldiers. In addition to the standard offerings of American Civil and Revolutionary war you will find Pirates, Vikings, Scottish, Medieval, and Roman toy soldier figurines. They have some miscellaneous special edition sets and some play sets as well.

King and Country is located in Hong Kong and has an exceptional selection of 1/32 scale, 54 MM metal toy soldiers. King and Country is one of the world's major designers and producers of all-metal military collectable toy soldiers and miniatures. In addition to metal toy soldiers, and miniature figures, King & Country is also offering an expanding range of scale model buildings and fighting vehicles.

The metal toy soldier figures manufactured by these companies are all predominantly 1/32 scale, 54 MM in size and can all be utilized in the same displays or dioramas. King and Country, William Britains, and Conte Collectables are just three of many companies distributing these high quality miniature soldiers for hobbyists and historical collectors. Collectable toy soldiers are historically accurate and are correctly scaled to size.

American Civil War Toy Soldier - Metal And Plastic

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