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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Candle Making Equipment

Candle Making Equipment

Aspiring candle makers have three candle making methods to choose from. You can make them from ‘scratch’, use wax crystals, or utilize the new gel candle method. This article describes the equipment needed to make candles.

The best quality candles are made from raw paraffin which comes in one or ten pound slabs. Color, luster, hardener, and scent are added to the wax before pouring.

Stearine, the ingredient which hardens the paraffin, comes in powder form, as do the luster crystals. Opaque crystals impart a glossy sheen to the candle. Clear crystals
are used to make glow candles luminescence.

There are two types of wicks available in three sizes for candles one inch to six inches in diameter. Use the wick size suitable for the diameter of candle you are making. The two types of wick are braided and wire core. Use braided wicks for dipped and free standing candles and wire core for container candles.

Wick anchors are used to hold the wick secure to the bottom of container candles. The wick is inserted in to hole in the center of the anchor, and the tabs pressed down securely with a screwdriver. The tabs may be reused.

Raw paraffin is white. You must add dye to get colored candles. There are many colors to choose from, so you can make the candle just about any color you desire. Dye cakes are divided into six squares. Each square will dye about five pounds of wax.

Candle scents are also packaged in squares which are divided into six wafers. The individual wafers will perfume about five pounds of wax. More or less to your desire.

A newer and easier method of making candles is to use wax crystals. Wax crystals are packaged in twelve ounce bags, and are the consistency of sand. They can be melted, like paraffin, or poured into a heat resistant container and used as is for easy wax crystal candles. All ingredients have been added, so all you have to do is scent them, so a minimum of equipment is required to make this type.

To make molded and container candles melt the crystals in plastic boil bags, add fragrance, and pour into a container or mold of your choice.

Use the same equipment for these candle as described for the paraffin candles.

Gel candles are the newest innovation in candle making. A heat resistant kitchen pan is used to melt the gel. The gel melts at a lower temperature and in less time than wax crystals or wax. Melt the gel and pour into a container. These candles cannot be used in a mold. Clean up the gel with ammonia.

Specialized molds for candle making are heat resistant plastic or metal material. There are many shapes and sizes available including cylinder, round, votive, and floaters. Containers for candles can be of any heat resistant material. You may use metal, glass, or ceramic containers for your candles.

You will also need a soft wooden strip, like balsa, and a pin. This is used to secure the wick at the top of the container or mold.

Like any other hobby, candle making has its own specialized tools and equipment. To make molded and container candles, you will need something to melt the wax in. Use two metal sauce pans - one must be small enough to fit inside the other. Water is placed in the large pan, wax in the inner smaller one. Place on the kitchen range and boil the water in the large pan until the wax is melted. Boil bags may also be used to melt the wax. These are filled with wax and placed in a water filled sauce pan and boiled until the wax is melted.

This is a basic listing of the equipment needed for candle making.

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