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Friday, September 07, 2012

Plastic Toy Airplane Propellers

Plastic Toy Airplane Propellers

These plastic toy airplane propellers are constructed from high impact plastic, are red in color and come in three sizes, four inch, five inch, and six inch. They are meant for use as replacement parts for Guillow’s model airplanes.

The propellers are useful for many other project and hobby applications as well. They can be used in rubber powered vehicle projects like propellers for airboats, cars and other vehicles.

Each package contains three plastic propellers for toy airplanes. These model airplane parts are not suitable for high speed applications. They are designed for use with rubber band powered airplanes or other type vehicles.

The plastic propellers may be used to power toy airplanes which have been designed and built by the hobbyist. Designing and building model airplanes is a fun and educational project. Parts For Model Airplanes - 5 Inch Plastic Toy Propeller Parts For Model Airplanes - 6 Inch Plastic Toy Propeller Parts For Model Airplanes - 4 Inch Plastic Toy Propeller Back To Model Airplane Parts

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