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Friday, August 10, 2012

Skyraider Balsa Model Airplane Kit

Skyraider Balsa Model Airplane Kit

Wing Span: 17"
Scale: 1/24
Min. Age: 10
Guillow Easy Build-By-Number rubber band powered balsa wood airplane model kits are fun to build and fly! This outstanding performer carried the firepower of a destroyer, and served for more than 20 years. Conceived in 1944, it made its first flight on March 18, 1945. ATTACK Squadron (VA 55) introduced the ADs to Korean combat on July 3, 1950; with its versatility, weight-lifting capacity (5,000 pounds on a carrier mission) and dive-bombing precision, the ADs became the 37-months-war’s most successful airplane. In Vietnam, Squadron VA 25 brought fame to the Skyraider when two ADs knocked down an attacking MIG 17.

This is an all balsa, rubber powered kit of the Douglas A1H Skyraider. First flown in 1945, this plane was successfully used in both the Korean and the Vietnam Wars.

All balsa construction with balsa sticks and die-cut parts.
Rubber powered with rubber band included.
Scale markings.
Tissue covered.
All balsa parts
Cardboard markings (to be applied with clear dope)
Gray tissue for covering
Wooden wheels
Rubber band with propeller shaft and thrust bearing to power the plane.
Landing gear wire
Clear plastic canopy
Plastic spinner and cowl
Plans with instructions and scale information
CA Glue Wax paper (we don't carry)
Clear dope (to apply tissue) Needle nose pliers (we don't carry)
Hobby knife Metal edge ruler
The plans that come with this kit are designed for the intermediate or advanced builder (the plans assume that the modeler has built kits before). Guillows recommends that the plane should NOT be painted if the modeler plans on flying this plane (paint will make it too heavy).

Guillow Easy Build-By-Number rubber band powered balsa wood airplane model kits are fun to build and fly! Building and flying balsa wood model airplanes is a fascinating and fun hobby. The wood model airplanes may be flown or simply hung for display. Many enjoy leaving the paper covering off and displaying the wood framework of the plane hung from a ceiling. The wood frame is beautiful with just a coating of sealer to protect it.

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