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Monday, March 26, 2012

History of Flight and Avaition

History of Flight and Aviation

History Of the Kite
Kites were developed by 500 BC, and possibly earlier, so people have been flying kites for at least 2500 years. The kite has been very important in the history of flight. Western tradition gives credit to a Greek scientist named Archytas of Tarentum as the inventor of the first kite in aviation history in the fifth century BC.

Aviation History - The Hot Air Balloon
Balloons were the first aircraft in history to take men into the air. Balloons are ‘lighter than air’ craft, so called because the bag of the balloon contains hot air, helium, or hydrogen. Aviation History - Dirigible Airship Lighter than air craft such as balloons and airships are colorful and delightful vessels. Who among us hasn’t looked upon a flying balloon or blimp with delight and wonder as the craft soared overhead with the wind at it’s back.

Aviation and Flight History
The ability to fly like a bird is an ancient aspiration of mankind. The history of aviation is a long story with many chapters.

A Brief History Of Flight - And The Airplane Part One
Lighter than air craft first gave humans the ability to fly. Balloons and airships were the first chapters in the story of the history of flight which have seen mankind reach for the stars.

A Brief History Of Flight - And The Airplane Part Two
In the Nineteenth Century the embryonic science of aviation was a hotbed of activity and the history of flight had some new stories written.

History of the Wright Flyer
The story of the first heavier than air aircraft, "Flyer 1", as dubbed by its inventors Orville and Wilbur Wright, is a fascinating saga in the annals of aviation.

History of the Biplane
Biplanes were the first airplanes to fly, the Wright Flyer was a biplane called a Canard.

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