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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Model Paints For Hobby and Craft Uses

Model Paints For Hobby and Craft Uses There is a group of paints found in hobby and craft stores called model paints. Although these paints are manufactured specifically for plastic models, they are useful for many other craft, hobby, and home uses. Model paints are very high quality paints in which the pigments have been ground extremely fine. This process provides the scale thickness necessary for accurate and beautiful plastic models. Although the paints are manufactured specifically for styrene plastics - other enamel paints will 'melt' the plastic - hobby paints have many other uses. Since the paints are outdoor quality, they are useful for many craft projects which must be placed outdoors. Model paints are also ideal for ceramics and stone painting and they may be used on many other surfaces - wood, fabric, leather, and Styrofoam. Wax candles may also be painted with hobby paints. Fisherman who make their own lures may use the bright florescent colors to enhance their visibility in the water. Around the home, hobby paints are useful for appliance touch-up. Model paints are commonly available in solvent based enamel, in four types of finishes - gloss, flat, metallic, and Kandy. The paints produce a hard, durable surface. Clean-up and thinning are accomplished with solvent type thinners and cleaners. Gloss finishes are used for model car bodies, ceramics, appliance touch-up, and other surfaces needing a glossy finish. Flat finishes are used on military models and other craft projects needing a flat, dull finish. Metallic paints have finely ground aluminum flakes in them to give the paints a shiny, metallic sheen. Kandy colors are transparent colors which are used with a base coat. Many beautiful colors can be achieved by altering the base coat used under these colors. Model paints can be purchased in 1/4 oz. or 1/2 ounce bottles and may be applied with a brush or airbrush. Three ounce spray cans are also available for easy application on models or other craft projects. Paint pens can be used for lettering, striping, models, and other purposes. Hobby paints may be purchased singly, or in economical sets. Testors, one of the leading manufactures of hobby paints, has introduced a type of hobby paint called Acryl. This is a water based enamel, completely compatible with solvent enamels. Like the solvent based enamels, Acryl is lead free and non-toxic. As an added bonus, Acryl is odorless and is thinned and cleaned up with water. The paints may be hand brushed or air brushed, and can be used on fabric with the addition of a fabric medium. Finishes are similar to the solvent enamels - gloss, flat, metallic and clear. Clear finishes are similar to Kandy colors. They are transparent colors which are used with a base coat. Unique colors can be achieved with experimentation - vary the base coat and the final coat will be a color which can't be duplicated any other way. Model paints have many hobby and craft uses, are durable and versatle. Any hobbyist or crafter is sure to find many uses for these paints. Back to Building Plastic Model Kits

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