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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Building Plastic Model Kits - Hobby For Many Interest

Model building is one of the most popular hobbies, and it's easy to see why. A lot of satisfaction is derived from building and displaying plastic models. Most hobbyists specialize and form collections of the types of models that interest them. If you love automobiles, you will find a model for just about any kind of car you enjoy. Aviation enthusiasts can own the plane, or planes, of their dreams. Military buffs can choose from a large selection of military figures, boats, and armor.

Automobile models are by far the most popular model to build. Many people enjoy building a model of their first car. If you have a favorite car, and can't afford the real thing - why not build a plastic model of it? Some hobbyists enjoy building certain classes of the cars that interest them . Sports cars, classic cars, antique cars, race cars, trucks, muscle cars - the list of cars available as models is endless. The model kits are highly detailed, and many can be built two or three different ways.

Military veterans and aficionados may enjoy building and collecting military aircraft. These hobbyists will find virtually every type and class of military airplane ever made. All major conflicts in which aircraft played a role are represented - World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, Desert Storm. Plastic Models of commercial and small aircraft may also be built.

Ships of the high seas can also be modeled. Most model boat kits are military ships, exceptions being made for the Titanic and some other odds and ends. Modern aircraft carriers, World War II battleships and carriers are the most prevalent model kits offered. Maritime classics like the USS Constitution and the Bounty are also fun to build.

Superhero and classic movie models are now becoming popular, with figures like the Hulk, Spiderman, and Storm. Polar Lights is bringing back some of the classic kits from the 60's by Aurora. These plastic model kits feature scenes from old television shows and movies like Addams Family Living Room, The Bride Of Frankenstein, and The Wolfman. These kits are neat, and collectable.

It's easy and fun to get started building plastic models. Kits can be found in varying levels to match the proficiency of the model builder. Snap kits, or skill level one, are ideal starter kits for kids or adults. Little or no glue is needed and there are not a lot of parts to deal with. These models don't need to be painted, but they can be, if desired. Cars and airplanes can both be found as snap kits. Most of the car kits have rolling wheels, which means the car can be played with when completed.

Skill Level Two and Three kits have increasingly more details and parts. These kits necessarily require more gluing and painting. With patience, and acquired skill, anyone can build museum quality models for display.

Revell/Monogram and AMT Ertl in recent years have begun to offer Deluxe Kits. These kits are wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts, because they contain all the paint and glue needed for assembly. A paint brush is also included in the kit.

There are many more kinds of plastic models that can be covered in this column. Model building as a hobby is useful and educational, as many models can add a sense of realism to history lessons. Space and science fiction models may spur an interest in astronomy and space science.

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