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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tools Needed For The Craft Of Wood Burning

The tool list for wood burning is not extensive, nor is the space requirements for the hobby great. A small tackle box or similiar storage case will easily hold your tools, the compartments used to keep the various wood burning tips separate and organized. You will enjoy the craft more if you can keep your wood burning implements all together.

Tools and Items Needed For Woodburning

Ball Point Pen
Graphite Or White Transfer Paper - depending on the type of wood you are going to burn - dark wood needs white transfer paper, light wood needs graphite
Woodburning Pen
Fine Sandpaper
Wood Sealer
Wood finish
Wood burning Tips

There are many different tips available to create varying effects in your wood burning craft. The universal tip usually is included with the wood burner. It is fine for beginners, but as your skills advance more specialized tips may be useful to you.

Flow Point Tip
Use to burn curves, details, and in tight spots. The point is rounded, and creates a soft line.

Shading Point Tip
Use to shade portions of the design and for special effects. Adds depth and realism to the finished wood burning project

Universal Point
All purpose tip for creating lines, details, and contrast

Fine Touch Universal
Smaller version of the universal tip for more detailed work.

Mini-Flow Point
Good beginner tip. Easier to use than the Flow Tip.

Cone Point
Use for extra fine lines and detail work.

Calligraphy Point
Used for woodburning calligraphy letter styles.

21 Watt
Good beginner pen. Use for Basswood, pine, and soft woods.
26 Watt
This pens heats up to around 800 degrees. It will burn almost any wood. It may not be suitable for beginners because of higher heat. But this is the pen needed for the serious wood buring craft person.

As you progress in the craft of wood burning your skill will naturally improve and some of the projects can really be considered works of art. This is really a fun and fascinating hobby! Back to Wood Crafts © 2011 THC Toys, Hobbies and Crafts

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