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Monday, August 21, 2006

Tips For The Wood Burning Art and Craft

Tip # 1 Use an asbestos pad or ceramic tile to set your pen on while it is in use.

Tip # 2 Test the burning speed on the back of the wood you are using to perfect your technique before starting.

Tip # 3 Clean the woodburning tip frequently with an extra-fine sandpaper to prevent residue buildup.

Tip # 4 Finish sand the wood with an extra-fine sandpaper before tracing the wood burning pattern. Wipe off the sawdust before tracing the design.

Tip # 5 Trace the design to the wood using either graphite or white transfer paper. Use graphite paper on lighter woods, white transfer paper on dark woods.

Tip # 6 Outline the design with the universal point.

Tip # 7 Shade and create other special effects using other specialized points.

Tip # 8 If desired, you can color the design with colored pencils designed for wood.

Tip # 9 Coat the finished design with a good sealer - Acrylic is the easiest to use.

Tip # 10 Lightly sand the design.

Tip # 11 If desired, apply gloss, matte, or satin acrylic varnish.

More Wood Burning Tips Don’t touch the tip of the pen, or the ceramic base when the pen is in use. It is very hot!
The line you are burning gets darker when you go slow, lighter when you go fast.
Move the wood around as you work to make easier to use the pen.
It’s best to burn light, and go back to darken later, if desired.
Erase all transfer lines before sealing the design.
Hold the pen lightly. A heavy grip tires the hand, and causes it to get hot.
Color the wood after you seal. It’s easier to erase paint if you do make a mistake. Back to Wood Crafts

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