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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Kites In Chinese History

Kites In Chinese History The kite became very important in Chinese culture. They developed many different types, some even having bamboo whistles attached to them which whistle in the wind. As such, the kite has taken on much religious and philosophical symbolism. Flying a kite is believed to bring good luck, and the higher the kite flies the more luck it brings. Kites are also flown to ward off evil spirits. Marco Polo wrote about the Chinese custom which merchants used a kite to tell them if ships should be launched on a voyage. They would find an intoxicated man, tie him to a kite and fly the kite over the harbor. If the kite flew well, the ships were launched. If the kite crashed into the sea, the boats were kept in port. Kite making in China is a very advanced art. Most designs found on kites symbolize something important in Chinese culture. Some are for good luck, others harmony, still others power and prosperity. Today there are many kite festivals in China which celebrate the kite and its importance in Chinese culture. Back To All About Kites History of Flight and Avaitio

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