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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

When Were Kites Invented?

Around 400 BC, the Chinese discovered how to build a kite. The Chinese had all the ingredients for the early kites. Silk was used for both the lightweight fabric needed to make the sail, and silk thread had the combined qualities of being both strong and lightweight making it ideal for the line. Bamboo, being both strong and light, made an ideal material for the framework.

Two Chinese philosophers, Mozi and Lu Pan, are the legendary inventors of the kite. Mozi was a trained engineer, Lu Ban a carpenter. Lu Ban, according to tradition, built a wooden bird model which had the ability to stay aloft for up to three days. So during the fifth century BC is thought to be when kites were invented.

The Chinese had a variety of uses for the kite. It was used to measure distances, as a signal, lifting men aloft, and as a military communication system. They were also used to test weather conditions, religious ceremonies, and recreation. When kites were invented, it didn't take the Chinese long to find uses for them.

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