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Friday, April 28, 2006

Rubber Band Powered Airplanes

Rubber band powered balsa wood airplanes are a kid's favorite toy! Simple to build and fun to fly, the rubber band motors require no batteries or fuel. Just wind up the rubber band and give the toy airplane a toss and it rides the wind.

Rubber band powered balsa wood airplanes are great teaching tools, too. Simple to construct, the planes can be used to teach the basic parts of an airplane as the students put it together. The rubber band powered prop can be used to give a simple demonstration of thrust and how it affects the airplane. Organize competitions to see who can fly the fastest or most distance. Encourage simple modifications to the plane to see if flight is improved or worsened.

Simple experiments can be performed with balsa wood airplanes to teach aviation's basic principals. Moisten the wing flaps and bend gently to test the effect on flight. The same thing can be done to the rudder and aileron to test the effects these structures have on the nature of the flight.

A rubber powered airplane is a great companion to keep kids, young and old, occupied on trips to the park, the beach, sporting events and other outdoor activities. They are wonderful backyard toys also!

For education or just plane fun, the rubber band powered balsa wood plane is hard to beat. Simple to construct and easy to fly the Sky Streak is sure to please teachers, students, parents and kids. And they will bring a smile to Granddad’s face as he remembers the fun he had flying one of these toy airplanes with his granddad!

The simple toy airplanes are fun to fly, but at some point you may want more challenging fare. Balsa model airplanes can be the next step to a fun and fascinating hobby. These model kits require more time to assemble. Most are rubber band powered, some of the larger ones can be adapted to a small motor for free flight. A few can also be fitted with radio control equipment and flown.

In short, rubber band powered airplanes are fun to build and fly! Back To Balsa Wood Airplanes © 2012 Hobby Hobnob

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