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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Balsa Wood Model Airplanes At Flying Fun Stuff

Balsa Wood Model Airplanes

Building and flying balsa wood airplanes is a fun hobby which can entertain the entire family. Rubber band powered airplanes and hand launch gliders are classic toys which are still as much fun in this high tech age as they were in the days when our grandparents built and flew them.

The easiest to build are the small balsa gliders and airplanes which just slide together. There are both rubber band powered airplanes and gliders available in this type of model airplane. Requiring just minutes to assemble, these little toy airplanes fly pretty good and some will even do a limited number of stunts.

Then there are the “stick built” balsa wood model airplane kits. These are a bit more complicated to build, but they are fun projects to build and even more fun to fly when completed. These kits also make handsome display models to exhibit in your home.
These model airplane kits require very few tools to build. Usually a hobby knife, building board, ruler, pencil, glue, modeling or dressmakers pins, sandpaper and scissors are all that is needed to assemble a balsa wood plane kit.

Most of these airplane kits are rubber band powered, though some of the larger ones can be converted to free flight or even radio controlled flight. Some of the kits are quite large, the B-17 kit having a wingspan of over forty-five inches. Some builders of these balsa models never fly the airplanes, they leave the tissue covering off them, sand and seal the wood framework with a good varnish or polyurethane, and hang them up for all to admire.

There is a balsa wood airplane for just about everyone! The small, easy to assemble and fun to fly rubber band powered planes and hand launched gliders are great for kids. Modelers looking for a bit more of a challenge will find the model airplane kits fun to build. Flying the airplanes adds a bonus feature to the building experience.

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