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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Styrofoam Sheets For Diorama and Train Scenery Projects

Styrofoam sheets are used for many craft and hobby projects. Popular hobby projects include uses for train scenery and diorama projects. Foam board is mainly used in railroad layouts as a terrain base for the elements for the layout. Use over the plywood or Homesote base, or substitute.

You may use foam sheets in railroad layouts instead of heavy plywood, but you will want to build a wooden framework first. The framework can be made from lightweight furring strips or similar material, with slats placed at the bottom of the frame to support the Styrofoam sheets. Glue the foam board to the slats for strength using a compatible Styrofoam or craft glue.

Styrofoam boards are easy to cut, carve, or drill. And since there is a variety of different thick nesses to choose from there is sure to be one perfect for your project. The foam sheets may be cut with a utility knife, or a hotwire Styrofoam cutter. The foam can also be textured with craft paints, shaped with pencils, or carving tools. Use toothpicks or floral picks to hold pieces together while gluing.

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The craft foam sheets can also be used to simulate rock layers on a train layout or diorama project. Glue multiple layers of the Styrofoam sheets together, carve and shape them to simulate rock layers. Foam boards may be textured using acrylic spackling, Gesso, hydrocal plaster, or modeling paste.

Styrofoam sheets can be used for diorama bases. If two or more need to be glued together to make a larger surface, stick tooth picks, craft sticks, or similar product into one of the two edges which need to be glued. Apply a liberal amount of Styrofoam or white craft glue and press together. Use wax paper underneath. When the glue dries, you should have a nice strong bond between the two foam boards

Styrofoam sheets are ideal for use in model train scenery as they are lightweight and
easy to carve.

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Yet another application polystyrene is surprisingly effective in is as a hot tub cover, since it is moisture-resistant!