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Monday, May 15, 2006

Making A Rock Mold With Liquid Latex

Making a mold with latex rubber is an easy process. If you have rocks or other objects you
would like to duplicate you can do it with liquid latex rubber. You can even duplicate rocks
in the field if there is sufficient time to allow the latex to dry.
To make a mold you brush the latex over the item to be duplicated using a synthetic fiber
brush. Make sure you work the latex rubber well into the surface to be duplicated and work out
all the air bubbles. Allow to dry thirty minutes.

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After drying, apply two or three more layers in the same manner as the first. After the last
layer is dry, the mold may be peeled off and is now ready to use.
If you want a mold with a little more strength, add a layer of cheesecloth to the mold after
the second layer is applied. Press the cheesecloth into the latex rubber before it has dried
completely and apply at least four more layers over the cloth.
You may use hydrocal to pour in the completed mold.

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