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Monday, May 22, 2006

HO Scale Model Electric Trains

HO scale is the most popular size of electric model train available to hobbyists. And for
good reason. At 1/87 scale it is small enough to pack a lot of detail into a small amount of
space. A four by eight foot sheet of plywood can contain a lot of different scenes for the
train to roll through.
This popularity has produced an amazing amount of track, figures, buildings and other
accessories to be produced for the HO scale train. Indeed, there are more accessories for HO
electric model trains than there is for all the other scales combined.

Add to this the sheer fun of layout building and then watching as the little electric model
toy train rolls along through towns, farms, forests and parks that you, the builder, have
created. In HO your imagination is the only limit when it comes to modeling a train

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You can model any era in time and just about any type of terrain in HO scale. The electric
model train can be a logging operation, industrial spur, passenger line, coal train, grain
transporter, or any one of the hundreds of uses the modern train has come to be employed at.
HO electric model trains are versitle and fun.
You can relive the early days of railroading with the historical train sets from Bachman or
build a circus with a circus train from IHC.
The articles of this website will endeavor to supply you with the information you need to
properly choose the train which suits your needs. You will find links to various retailer
who are selling the HO scale electric model train products you desire. Happy

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