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Friday, May 12, 2006

Lightweight Hydrocal For Dioramas and Train Scenery

Hydrocal has many uses in diorama building and in train layouts.
Use lightweight hydrocal to build terrain for model scenery for school projects, train layouts,
and other scenery applications. Lightweight hydrocal is easily mixed with water to form a
tough plaster shell or to pour into latex molds.
Specially formulated for terrain model builders.
Half the weight of Hydrocal and it goes twice as far.
It's the tough, quick setting product you will prefer!
Use hydrocal for casting rocks, creating hard shell scenery, filling in
around castings and as an adhesive.

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Hydrocal may also be carved with a hobby knife or dental pick when it dries.

Leaves a smooth finish.<
May be used on Plaster Cloth for making strong hard surfaces.

May be tinted with Woodland Scenics Earth Colors (liquid pigments) or acrylic paints. Hydrocal
is a porous material which accepts color by absorbing it into its pores. Do not use
a sealer of any kind on hydrocal before painting, as that will prevent the plaster
from soaking up the paint.
Instructions are listed on the side of the package.

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