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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

HO Scale Train Track

HO Scale Train Track

>Bachman EZ Track has revolutionized the model train hobby with its ease of use and durable construction. This model train track is built right into a plastic base eliminating the need to staple or glue cork or foam roadbed down before you can enjoy running your model train. With EZ Track you simply snap the track sections together, plug the transformer wire into the terminal section, put the train on the track and move the controller arm. HO scale train track was never so easy to use!

HO scale train track has evolved over the years. The early years of model railroading, hobbyists had to lay track similar to the method used in real trains. The ties had to be cut from basswood stock, a laborious process. The ties were glued to cork roadbed after the rail route was laid out. The stainless steel rails were then configured to the roadbed and carefully nailed in place. A track gauge was used to ensure that the rails were the correct distance apart. Track laying using this method was as much an art as a hobby.

The advent of Snap Track made the track laying process much easier and faster. Atlas is now the leading manufacturer of this type of HO scale train track. The track is pre-mounted on plastic ties in standard length. Straight track is available in a standard of 10 inch lengths, as well as an assortment of shorter sections. Flex track, which is ideal for either custom radius curves or long runs of straight, connection free track sections. Curves are available in fifteen, eighteen, or twenty two inch radius. Partial sections of 1/3 and ½ are also available. Different types of switches are also available for this track. Code refers to the height of the rails. Code 100 is the most common type available. Code 83 is scaled to accurately represent the rails on a real railroad. Model train track took a big step forward with pre-mounted track. This HO scale track was pioneered by Bachman, under the name of EZ Track. This track was already mounted on the roadbed which made it easy to have a model railroad up and running quickly. EZ Track comes in two different types, steel and nickel silver, as well as an array of different types of sections. There are eighteen and twenty two inch curves, different lengths of straight and crossings.

Atlas and Lifelike also manufacture similar products to EZ Track and Lifelike has an adaptor which allows EZ Track to be used with its Lock-Tite product. Atlas HO scale train track sections can be removed from the roadbed and used in a conventional layout.

Atlas HO Scale Snap Track

HO Scale Nickel Silver E-Z Model Train Track

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