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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Model Trees For Architectural And Diorama Projects

Model trees are an excellent way to add realism to any train layout or architectural
. You will find a large variety of model trees from which to choose. Just about
any kind of tree is available in many sizes. Trees don't necessarily need to be scaled properly
because in nature trees of all sizes are found.

Some model trees are ready made. They are usually self standing, but the base is usually
removable to make the tree more realistic. Merely remove the base and stick the pointed
end into the terrain base. No painting or glueing is required for these trees, although a few
drops of craft glue in the hole at the base will help hold the tree in place.

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You will also find model tree kits. These are usually more realistic than the ready to use
ones and are much more economical if your layout or architechural project requires a lot
of trees. Usually the kit consists of flocking, special glue and armature. The flocking is
spread out on wax paper, the glue is brushed onto the armature and the armature is then
dipped in the flocking. Trees are easily and quickly made using this process.

Model trees are perfect for parks, forested areas, lawns and office models with
landscaped areas around it. Landscape Your City, Suburb, or Country Scene With
Realistic architectural model trees

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