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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Future Of Flight Paper Glider Airplane

These 15 Assorted Paper Glider Airplanes is a Reserved Edition from Whitewing's Future of Flight Series.
Assembly kit for 15 models:
-Racer 524 Blue Jay
-Racer 525 Sparrow
-Racer 526 King Fisher
-Tailless Plane
-Delta Plane
-Circular Wing Canard
-Oblique Wing Plane
-Pair Plane
-Ring Wing Canard
-Tandem Plane
-Multi-Tandem Plane
-Asymmetrical Wing Plane
-Panorama Plane
-Northrop B-2 Stealth Bomber
Catch the right air current and keep your plane aloft for many seconds. Hand or catapult launch (catapult included). Coat the paper planes with lacquer to make them water resistant. 68 page instruciton booklet provides assembly, flight, and design directions. Guidelines also provided for Whitewings competition.
15 Assorted Future of Flight Paper Planes
Clear, Fast Drying Glue
Hobby Knife
Table Knife
Clips or Clothespins
Thin & Light Paper

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