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Thursday, December 13, 2012

N Scale Train Sets

N Scale Train Sets

Bachman - Lifelike N Scale Electric EZ Track Model Train Sets
One of the best ways to get started in the model train hobby is with an electric train set. Usually the toy train set will contain everything you need to get started. N model trains are easy to set up and don't take up a lot of space.

Bachman train sets are the most common sets available. Bachman has been manufacturing electric toy trains for many years. Bachman train sets will contain a power pack, EZ Track, a locomotive, and several cars. In some cases some accessories will also be included. The track included with Bachman train sets will be EZ Track. This track makes set up for the train set very quick and easy. Not like the days of snap track which was hard to set up, came apart, and broke very easily.

Bachman electric train sets are fun and easy to use. EZ track is included in each of theses train sets making set up fast and easy. N Scale train sets are small compact, allowing you to set up a train set in as little as a 25 inch diameter area. These model train sets are so cool you may want one in every room of your house! Bachman train sets are available in a wide variety of road names and themes.

Lifelike also manufactures a number of train sets. Most sets include their new N scale Power-Lock track which, like EZ Track, is quick and easy to set up. Power-Loc has it's own coupling system, so is incompatible with EZ Track.
Explorer N Scale Electric Train Set

Empire Builder N Scale Electric Train Set

McKinley Explorer N Scale Electric Train Set

Amtrak Centennial N Scale Electric Train Set

Union Pacific N Scale Electric Train Set
Bachman N Scale Electric Model Train Set - Spectrum Trainmaster BNSF Set N
Spectrum Trainmaster Union Pacific Train Set
Yuletide Special N Scale Electric Train Set

Frontiersman N Scale Electric Train Set
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