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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

N Scale Locomotives

N Scale Locomotives

N scale locomotives are available separately in a wide variety of road names and types. Major manufactures of N Scale engines are Atlas, Bachman, Lifelike, Model Power and Athearn.

There are some features you should be looking for in an N scale locomotive to ensure that you achieve satisfactory performance. Some manufactures have developed special motors which allow the train to move along at realistic speeds. Some motors run too fast, causing the locomotive to move along at unrealistically high speeds.

A flywheel should also be part of the features listed. Flywheels allow the locomotive to come gradually to a stop, like a real train engine. Better engines will have two, preferably brass.

Another feature to look for in a good n scale locomotive is all wheel drive. Some N scale engines only have half the wheels pulling and rely on a rubber gripper wheel to provide traction. All wheel drive ensures that the engine will be able to pull cars up slopes and around curves effectively.

Repair parts may also be a consideration when you are shopping for an n scale locomotive. Some manufacturers make available motors, brushes, and other parts allowing the engine to be repaired. Some manufacturers require that the engine be returned to them for repair. If the return is made during the time the warranty is in place, usually the engine is repaired or replaced free, provided the problem was caused by faulty manufacturing.

A good n scale locomotive is an investment in your railroad and a good one can last many years if properly cared for. A cheap n scale engine will result in unsatisfactory operation.
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