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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Historic Fighter Aircraft Paper and Balsa Gliders Modeling Kit

Assemble A Variety of Historic Fighter Aircraft with this Paper and Balsa Gliders Modeling Kit from AG Industries' Whitewings Boeing Collectible Edition.
Suitable for Age 8 and Older.
"World's best flight performance paper gliders."
When properly tuned and under good conditions, these gliders are capable of catching thermals and gaining altitudes equal to the clouds, for unbelievably long flights (up to 300 yards)!
Create the flowing 3 gliders with this kit:
-F-15E Strike Eagle
- F-86 Sabre Jet
-F-4 Phantom II
Perforated and pre-decorated paperboard parts.
A pre-cut balsa fuselage.
Catapult or hand launch.
Step-by-step, illustrated assembly guide.
(3) Gliders
(1) Catapult Launcher
Clear, Fast Drying Glue
Length: from 8" to 9"

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