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Friday, November 16, 2012

F-16a Fighting Falcon Guillows Balsa Wood Model Airplane Building Kit

Build 'N Show a General Dynamics F-16a Fighting Falcon US/NATO High Technology Jet Fighter with this Non-Flying Scale Balsa Display Model Kit from Guillow's.
Guillow Easy Build-By-Number balsa wood airplane model kits are fun to build!
Model Building Suitable for Ages 14 and Older.
Easy to assemble!
Display as a skeleton model or as tissue covered (included) and decorated.
Pre-cut to shape parts on die-cut balsa sheets.
Balsa strip stock.
Wire for landing gear.
Vacuum formed plastic parts including wheels and nose.
Vacuum formed plastic bubble canopy.
Colorful decal sheet.
Main landing gear doors.
Dummy arresting gear.
Sidewinder and Phoenix missiles.
Optional auxillary fuel tank.
Clay for balancing the model.
Step-by-step instructions and related photos clearly show how to assemble this stunning display piece!
Detailed plans.
One F-16a Fighting Falcon
Workboard (Flat Surface)
Transparent Film (Saran Wrap) Elmer's Glue-All or Balsa Wood Cement
Plastic Cement
T-Pins or Common Pins
Hobby Knife
Miscellaneous Tools (Refer to Instructions)
Approx. Scale: 1:30
Wingspan: 12-1/8" (30.80cm)
Length: 18-1/2" (45.99cm

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