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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wright Flyer Paper Glider Paper Airplane Model

This Whitewings Wright Flyer Serves as the 100th Anniversary of Flight.
This is a paper and balsa model of the famous Wright Flyer.
Suitable for Age 8 and Older.
This kit features a Whitewings airplane known for it's excellent flying characteristics as well as a historical review of man's first in flight. Designed to fly and easy to build! This is a bi-plane. Balsa fuselage. Pre-cut Kent paper parts. Time aloft is approximated at 12 seconds. Clear lacquer can be sprayed onto your plane to make the plane sturdy as well as waterproof. 2-player games can be played: "Time Aloft" and "Target Shooting" (rules and regulations are provided). The Wright brothers historical review. Flight and Tuning manual. Detailed, illustrated instructions.
One Wright Flyer Paper/Balsa Glider
Clear, Fast Drying Glue
Length: 6.875" (174.55mm)
Height: 2.185" (55.55mm)
Wingspan: 10.125" (257.00mm)
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