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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beer Making Supplies

Most of the supplies for making beer can be found in the average kitchen, though the beer making process is easier if you collect some of the more specialized accessories you will need. A good beer making kit will have most of the supplies needed for making beer. You will need a boiler which will hold at least one gallon of water. A fermenting container is needed which is large enough to hold the quantity of beer being made. Most malt extracts will produce two gallons of beer, so the fermenting vessel is needed. Some of the kits have fermenting vessels which have a spigot. This feature definitely makes bottling easier as it eliminates the need for the finicky, messy siphon hose.

You will need bottles to put the beer in when the primary fermentation is complete. Plastic soda bottles which have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized are ideal for this purpose. They will handle the pressure which builds up during the secondary fermentation, are commonly available and reusable. That's it, for basic beer making that is all the supplies you will need. As you go along, you may want to add more stuff, like a bottling hydrometer, nicer bottles, etc. But these supplies will get you started making beer.

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