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Monday, July 24, 2006

State Quarter Program

The State Quarter program was introduced by the US Mint in 1999. It is a program which commemorates each state of the union's ratification of the United States Constitution and entry into the Union. It would be >a rewarding accomplishment to form a collection of a quarter from each of the 50 states.

The quarters will be introduced five per year, about ten weeks apart, for a total of ten years until each state's entry has been commemorated. The quarters will be introduced in order of the states admission to the Union. The quarter's obverse will retain the bust of George Washington in the design. It is the reverse of the coin which will change.

Each state’s governor will set the criteria for the design of its quarter. The design, after it is chosen, will be submitted to the Mint by the governor. The Mint will then adapt the design to the quarter and produce the coin.

The coins will be produced for circulation by two of the operating mints - Philadelphia and Denver. This will be marked by a small "D" or "P" under the "In God We Trust" logo to the right of General Washington's bust. It will take one coin from each mint, or 100 coins in all, to complete the set.

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