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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Beginning In The Hobby Of Coin Collecting - The Basics

Coin Collecting - The Basics

Beginning a basic coin collection is really quite easy. Coin collecting is probably one to the easiest hobbies to get started in. All you really need to get started is to use the change in your own pocket.

Or, if you are like most people you have one or two jars of change sitting around. If you have one or more of these, dump one out on the table in front of you. Find some clean cups, Styrofoam coffee cups will work just fine. Some other basic things you will find useful to get started. Some coin folders in the various denominations - penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar. A Redbook, which is a book which has the values of all US coins listed since the beginning of the Republic. Coin wrappers of assorted sizes and a magnifying glass. And a notebook to list the coins you have in your rolls and folders The first step is to sort the various denominations of coins into the cups.

As you work, try not to handle the coins by the face. It is best to use a pair of light fabric gloves as you sort the coins, or just be very careful and handle them only by the edges. Once you have the coins sorted, then you will want to sort the coins by year and mint mark. There will be more on mint marks later. Pick out the nicer looking coins, using a magnifying glass look for scratches and dents.

The point is to find the nicest coins you can in every year and with every mint mark. I usually save any coin I find for a particular year and mint, upgrading them as I find nicer ones later on. Place the coins in the folders in the appropriate slots, marking down in your notebook the ones you have. The coins in poor shape, and duplicates you can roll in the wrappers and take to the bank for money. So now, if you followed these steps you will have formed a basic coin collection! There is much more to learn in this fascinating hobby.

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James G. said...

It's such a great hobby to get involved with, and it's so easy to get started with. Start accumulating as many coins as you can just from everyday life - You'll be surprised as to how valuable some of them can be! Once you've gotten the ball rolling, it's crucial to start investing in supplies for your coin collection to keep the values of your coins as high as possible.

Definitely invest in some coin grading books to learn the value of what you have, and be make sure you store your coins in a secure spot.

Happy collecting!