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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

N Scale Model House

N Scale Plastic Model Train Houses- Accessory Buildings For Electric Trains
N scale model houses are an indespensible model train accessory for a train layout, diorama, or architectural project. The structures are available in a wide array of building types and styles.

Plastic houses are the most common, and most of these are nicely detailed. Painting is optional, as most of the houses come precolored. Painting definitely makes the houses more realistic. Make sure you use a paint compatible with plastic houses. Regular enamels will melt the styrene plastic.

Prebuilt scale house models are the easiest, because they require no assembly. Model Power has the largest selection of these model train buildings, but Bachman also has a nice selection. These houses usually come with a light wired right into the house, so all that is required is to hook the wiring into the accessory lug on your train transformer.

You will find the largest selection of N scale houses availble as kits which must be assembled. Generally these kits are precolored, so again painting is optional. There are both snap plastic model houses and glue. The snap kits will state that no glue is required for assembly but they will benefit from some glue. Not required, but the plastic houses will stay together better.

The snap fit model train buildings usually have very few pieces and can be assembled in a few minutes time. The snap houses are suitable for ages eight and up, and are an easy build, so they make a great model train accessory for the young child with his first train set.

N scale houses in glue kits are usually a bit more challenging. Some of the German kits like Faller and Noch are very detailed. Unfortunately these kits are usually too European in style to be suitable for American layouts. But the kits are very high quality and well engineered. The main American manufacturers of model train buildings are Bachman, Lifelike, and Model Power. There are many others, but these are the most common ones available.

Most of the model train building kits do not include a light kit, and again, for most painting is optional. For the hobbyist or architech who wants a very realistic appearance, painting may be desired. But most people will be satisified with them the way they are.

N scale houses are just one model train accessory which will make your train layout more realistic and fun. There are many more.
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