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Monday, October 29, 2012

Lancer Balsa Model Airplane Kit

Wing Span: 24
Min. Age: 10
Guillow Easy Build-By-Number rubber band powered balsa wood airplane model kits are fun to build and fly!
Build by number models - ideal for individual use or for group model building such as in a school class. Each kit contains the right combination of building material and "power package" to assemble an attractive model with good flying ability.
The "Lancer" is a Build-by-Number Balsa Wood Construction Kit from Guillow's.
Rubber Powered Endurance Flyer Suitable for Ages 10 and Older.
A Guillow "Junior Contest" Flying Model Airplane
FEATURES: This Build-by-Number kit offers the first mistake-proof method of con
structing a real contest style flying model. No puzzling questions or guesswork involved!

Ideal for individual use or for group model building such as in a school class.
Rubber powered flyer.
Light weight balsa for top flight performance.
Balanced propeller and power combination for long flights.
Assembled propeller unit.
Two color tissue (when available).
Plastic nose or cheek cowls.
Clay for balancing model.
Colorful Junior Contest Model decals.
Special "fit and cut" method of measuring parts--no fractions to read
All the "whys", "hows", and "whens" are fully explained in the easy-to-follow instructions.
One Aircraft Model
White Glue
Common Pins
Hobby Knife
Refer to Instructions for Other Needed Tools
Wingspan: 24" (60.96cm)
Optional...can be gas powered with .020 engine (not included).

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